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Four day tour of Puerto Rico, 4 days and 3 night fantasy independent groups

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Day 1: Arriving in Puerto Rico
After arriving in Puerto Rico, guests will be picked up to hotel and can have free activities at the rest of time.
(Picking-up time is 14:00. Guests who arrive in other time can head to hotel by own by taking taxi with $20 - $25, or charging $50/person picking-up service. Hotel’s checking-in time is 16:00.)

Day 2: San Juan City Tour - Bacardi Rum Distillery (Morning and afternoon)
At 9:00 in the morning, tour guide will pick up VIP guests to BACARDI - the oldest rum distillery in the United States, visiting rum making techniques and enjoying free rum drinks.
Around 12:00, we will visit old San Juan - the oldest settlement within Puerto Rico and the historic colonial section of the city of San Juan, and El Morro Fort, which is perched on the northwestern-most point of Old San Juan. El Morro is made up of six staggered levels, incorporating dungeons, barracks, passageways, and storerooms. Walk along its ramparts, where cannons still face the ocean, and step inside one of the domed garitas, or sentry boxes, which are themselves an iconic symbol of Puerto Rico.
In the afternoon, we will return back to hotel and have a rest. And there is no schedule at night but a recommendation to rest as early as possible for next day’s whole trip.

Day 3: El Yunque - Rainforest Riding or ATV Exploration - Mysterious Sea of Fluorescence (whole day)
At 10 in the morning, we will head to El Yunque National park - the only national and tropical rain forest park in the United States, which is located in northeastern Puerto Rico. There are more than 240 kinds of trees (of which 23 are unique to the lark rainforest), and 50 species of birds (violent, rare and endangered waves) Multiple Paris parrots). The rainforest was officially recognized as a biologic nature reserve by UNESCO in 1976.
Around 13:00, we will go to the Hacienda farm at the foot of the skylark rain forest mountain to enjoy Puerto Rican special lunch. Then we can choose riding or driving ATV, guided by professional guides to visit the foot of rain forest.
We will head to the fantastic sea of fluorescence in Bio Bay, which is the largest and most famous one among five sea of fluorescence around the world.
At 20:00, we will return back to hotel and have rests.

Day 4: Puerto Rico
We will leave hotel at 11:00 and head to the airport.
(Guests who book other flights can take taxi by own, or book private dropping-off service with $50/person.)


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